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Maine HEP Program

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Maine High School Equivalency Program (HEP)

Maine HEP 2013 Graduate

Griselda Gutierrez



Eastern Aroostook Adult and Community Education



What they are saying about Maine HEP:

I had constant support and good people who I could tell honestly wanted me to get my GED as much as I did. HEP makes what I thought was impossible possible. With the help from HEP I was able to get through my GED faster and smoother than ever. With the motivation and determination of the people from HEP, I believe anybody could get their GED.


HEP pushed me to attend class by helping me with transportation and a babysitter so I don't miss class. Also, working with Maria and Beth made me excited to go to college. Your spirits are awesome and I was second guessing myself until I met with the HEP program.


Now life is getting hard. If you don't have your GED or diploma you're going to have a hard time getting a job. Now that I'm working on my GED, I'm more disciplined. I have a schedule. It's fun, more fun than high school.



We like going to the adult education classes. Our teacher helps us. We meet new people. New friends. It's never too late. We did it. You can start.



I think it's a great program. It gives an incentive to go to school. My daughter really liked Beth. She now realizes that other people care about her education (besides just me and her dad).

A HEP Parent

It's Not Too Late to be a Part of the Maine HEP Program.

We are looking for eligible participants for the 2014 cohort. >>Click here to refer students for the program.


Some of the services provided are:

  • Linkages to adult education programs

  • Transportation & childcare reimbursement

  • Tutoring

  • Links to health and social services

  • A monthly stipend to cover personal expenses while attending high school equivalency classes

  • Books and school supplies

We’re looking for people who have done at least 75 days of farm or logging  work over the last 24 months.
Examples of qualifying farm work are blueberries, potatoes, dairy, poultry, tipping and logging. For logging, qualifying work includes: planting, trimming, de-limbing, and harvesting. As long as it’s not processing (working in a paper mill, chipping factory etc) it counts!
Immediate family members of the seasonal worker can participate. This includes: a spouse, a parent, step-parent, adoptive parent, foster parent, or anyone with guardianship, any person who claims the individual as a dependent on a Federal income tax return for either of the previous two years, or resides in the same household as the individual, supports that individual financially, and is a relative of that individual.
Please don’t hesitate to call to see if an activity counts. Anyone who qualifies for Migrant Education Programs and people who participate in the National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) are automatically eligible.


Email or call
Program Director, Debbie Gilmer:  debbie@syntiro.org,  207-852-0992  
or Regional Facilitator, Rick Wilson: rick@syntiro.org,

207-242-0855 with questions or for more information.


If you would like copies of our brochure, available in both English and Spanish, or any 8.5x14" posters with tear off contact information to hang locally let us know.


Thanks so much for your help! 


--The Maine HEP Team