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Health-related training materials that can be used with schools, health providers, families and directly with youth to help youth with disabilities learn to more effectively manage their health care concerns. Materials include: Health and the IEP CD, Transition to Adult Health Care: A Training Guide in Three Parts Second Edition, The Workbook for Youth, My Health Pocket Guide, The Transition to Adult Health Care Checklist: Preparing for Life as an Adult (2009) Materials can be ordered
or downloaded at: http://www.waisman.
Transition Planning for Families and Teens Transition Planning for Adolescents with Special Health Care Needs and Disabilities: Information for Families and Teens (2000)
This booklet has been developed for families to help prepare their teens for adulthood. This book is a comprehensive look at transition and gives information, ideas, tools and resources. The entire book or selected screening and educational tools are downloadable.
Transition Planning for Providers Transition Planning for Adolescents with Special Health Care Needs and Disabilities: A Guide for Health Care Providers (2000)
This 80-page downloadable resource guide is written for health care providers who care for children with special health care needs. The guide gives information, resources and strategies needed by providers to support adolescents and their families to meet the challenges of transition. Physicians are in a unique position to support adolescents as they journey into adulthood --- helping them take greater responsibility for their own health care and prepare for employment, independent living and other activities of adult life. MA specific resources/adaptable for other states.
Transition Planning Manual Working Together for Successful Transition: Washington State Adolescent Transition Resource Notebook
This notebook is a resource on transition from adolescence to adulthood for young adults with special health care needs and disabilities. Audiences likely to find this information useful include families, students, school personnel, community agency workers, health care providers and other groups working with youth in Washington State. Youth are encouraged to use this document to make their own individualized workbook. WA specific/adaptable for other states.
Transition Planning for Teens and Parents It’s Your Future – Go For It ! A Transition Guide for Teens and Parents
Developed by Shriners Hospital for Children, Northern California designed to assist teens and parents with transition. Contents of this manual includes: managing your health, choosing a healthy lifestyle and planning for the future, transportation issues, planning for life after high school including work, understanding the social security system and benefits, knowing your rights and resources, and achieving personal goals.
Transition Planning materials Transition Planning Materials from the Illinois Division of Specialized Care for Children
  • Transition Information Sheet for Families
  • Transition Worksheet for Families
  • Transition Worksheet for Youth
  • Questions to ask potential adult care physicians 1-4 page checklists that are useful for youth and families in planning for transition
  • Preparing for the Future-Brochure from the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
Transition Planning for Youth HRTW-AZ Arizona Racing to the Future
Systematic Transition Plan- Comprehensive planning focusing on youth strengths and needs and goal setting
[Word] [pdf]
Transition Planning for High School Youth Kentucky Transition Collaborative of the Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute at the University of Kentucky.
Get A Life: Transition Planning book developed in collaboration with the KY Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs with a section on health transition issues
Transition Planning: Youth, Families and Communities Transition Coalition
Free on-line publications from the University of Kansas Transition Coalition including:
  • People Make It Happen
  • The Community Transition Program: Experiences Starting a Community-Based Program for Students Aged 18-21
  • Transition for Youth with Learning disabilities
  • Transition Planning brochures
Transition Planning for Youth with Developmental Disabilities Florida Children’s Medical Services
Website offers a variety of planning information including guardianship.
Transition Planning – health information notebook HRTW-Maine
The Maine Care Notebook was designed by members of the Family Advisory Council to Maine's Children with Special Needs program.Maintaining a care notebook will keep information organized in a central location. Developing a Care Notebook with your child will also make it easier for you to share information with others who are part of your child's care team and prepare for transition to other providers.
Transition Planning: Guide for Families of Youth and Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities ACCESS MAINE
A Transition Planning Guide for Families of Youth and Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities Toolkit

This guide serves as an introduction to the world of “Adult Services”. The best planning occurs when it considers contributions from a variety of sources: the student, the family, the school, representatives from adult service agencies, and other involved community members. It is meant to improve a student’s employment ability, continuing education options, housing options, and to develop a social and recreational network that continues after high school. Includes an “age 18 checklist”.
Transition Planning: Heath Focused HRTW-LA
Health and Medical Issues for Transition-Age Adolescents with Disabilities and/or Health Care Needs: A Guide for Teenagers and Their Families
(2nd Edition). This comprehensive health transition curriculum includes chapters on why health and medical issues are important for transition, paying for health and medical care, choosing and working with health care providers, self-determination in health and medical care and living a healthy lifestyle.

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The HRTW Center is headquartered at the Maine State Title V CSHN Program. Activities are coordinated through the Maine Support Network's Center for Self-Determination, Health and Policy. The Center is funded through a cooperative agreement (U39MC06899-01-00) from the Integrated Services Branch, Division of Services for Children with Special Health Care Needs (DSCSHN) in the Federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).
Lynda Honberg, HRSA/MCHB Project Officer.