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iVocalize Web Conferencing

LD Online: Accessible Textbooks: A Guide for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities

The Maine CITE Coordinating Center helps Maine people get, keep and use the assistive and universally designed technology they need.

Maine Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)
A resource to Maine educators and families interested in learning more about how to select, acquire and use Accessible Instructional Materials for students with Print Disabilities.

AccessText Network
The AccessText Network facilitates and supports the national delivery of alternative electronic textbooks to higher education institutions for students with documented disabilities.



Article: Online Bullies Pull Schools Into the Fray
by Jan Hoffman The New York Times June 27, 2010

I Keep
We want our children to be safe and responsible while using technology. We will have succeeded when each child can recognize and minimize the three main risks associated with all connected technology.

Content Area Websites: MDOE & Teacher Organizations (List-serv sign up, updates, MLR's, etc.)


MDOE Mathematics page

Mathematics List-serv registration

Math Content Literacy (MDOE page)

Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine (ATOMIM)

Association of Teachers of Mathematics, New England (ATMNE)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

English/Language Arts


Maine Reading First

ELA List-serv registration

Maine Council for English Language Arts

National Council of Teachers of English

International Reading Association (IRA)


MDOE Science page

Science List-serv

Maine Science Teachers Association

National Science Teachers Association

Taking Science to School (report on K-8—free online)

America’s Lab Report (report on HS science—free online)

Ready, Set, Science—(Putting K-8 research to work--free online)

Social Studies

MDOE Social Studies page

Social Studies List-serv

Maine Council for the Social Studies

Social Studies Organizations (several links)

Visual and Performing Arts

MDOE Arts page

Arts Blog and List-serv registration

Maine Arts Education Association

Health and Physical Education

MDOE Health and PE page

List-Serv-- Click link for “Message Board” to register

MAHPERD Maine Assoc of Health, PE, Recreation & Dance

World Languages

MDOE World Language Page

FLAME List-Serv

Foreign Language Association of Maine (FLAME)

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

Technology Educators - Computer

Association of Computer Technology Educators of Maine (ACTEM)

List-serv ACTEM

Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI)

Technology Educators - Engineering

Technology Education Association of Maine (TEAM)

Team Online Discussion

International Technology Education Association (ITEA)

Career and Technical Education (CTE)


CTE Contact Directory

CTE Content Literacy Page

Special Education

MDOE Special Education Page

Council for Exceptional Children

Maine Support Network

Ed Tech Support

Maine Administrators of Services for Children with Disabilities (MADSEC)

Gifted and Talented (G/T)

Maine Educators of the Gifted and Talented (MEGAT)

Advanced Placement (AP)

MDOE AP page

AP 4 All (Maine’s AP for All site)

English as a Second Language (ESL)


UM’s Project Opportunity—Support for ESL Instructors

Service Learning

MDOE Service Learning Page

Career & Ed Dev

MDOE Career and Ed Development page

Child Development Services (B-age 5)

MDOE Child Development Services page


Disability Awareness

CeDIR’s Disability Awareness Site for Youth

Disability Awareness Kit

Special Needs, Special Kids

Internet Resources for Special Children

All Kids Can

Disability Resources

Disability Central and the Active Teen

About Disability


Online Disability Simulations

Misunderstood Minds


National Coalition of Auditory Processing Disorders

Mrs. Karen Lakes Homepage

Disability Virtual Museums

Disability Rights Movement Virtual Museum

Disability History Museum

Museum of Disability History

United States Holocaust Museum

Early Childhood and Parents

Brilliant Baby – the website that will help you have a happy, healthy, smarter child. In the past 30 years, hundreds of hours of research in infant brain development have shown that early stimulation done by parents and other primary caregivers make a big difference in the emotional and intellectual development of our children.


About Learning (4-mat)
About Learning, Inc. is a training, consulting and publishing company that helps organizations improve the quality of their learning programs by teaching them to design more effective learning systems. We help schools, businesses and professional organizations discover what it takes for people to learn well and offer turnkey instructional programs in key content areas that reflect sound educational theory and practice.

Accelerated Schools Project
Imagine a which all children excel to high levels, regardless of their background. Imagine a school that treats all children as gifted and builds on their strengths through enrichment strategies, independent research, problem solving, science, writing, music, and art. Imagine a school in which all members of the school community develop a vision of their ideal school; and in which they collaborate to achieve that dream by making major decisions about curriculum, instructional strategies, and school organization. Imagine a school where ideas count. Let your imagination go as far as it can, and you have discovered the accelerated school.

Add Verb Productions Arts & Education
Add Verb Productions Arts & Education tackles difficult social issues through provocative theatre performances, thereby building stronger, healthier communities.

Assistive Technology Services
The AllTech site contains resources for students, parents, and educators in the state of Maine (although others will find value here as well!)

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Becomopedia - How to Become Any Career
Find information about how to become hundreds of careers including education requirements, job descriptions, salary info, and future career paths.

Center for Applied Special Technology - expanding opportunities for all learners

Resources for Cooperative Learning
Lots of links to educational resources

Council for Exceptional Children
The largest international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted.

Education by Design
Resources for educators

Empowering People
Developing Capable People-wonderful ideas, thoughts and resources

ERIC Clearinghouse
The ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education

Gary Lamb
Gary Lamb composes music at 60 beats per minute which is the ideal beat for learning

Keeping Teachers Motivated
Without question, teaching is the most challenging and demanding of all professions. Each and every day you are expected to motivate your students. Although difficult at times, it's always a priority for the competent teachers. But who is responsible for motivating the teacher each and every day? Since, historically, near total focus has been placed on student motivation, strategies to keep teachers motivated have been seriously neglected. At this new website, teachers can find inspirational quotes, freebies, humor and an interactive bulletin board.

International Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education

All Info./Kids Info.
Allinfo | Kidsinfo will provide students, teachers, professors and researchers with a niche web community and gateway to quality informational content.

Susan Kovalik & Assoc., Inc.
Integrated Thematic Instruction (ITI) for body-brain-compatible learning.

Maine Education Association
24,000 member association of educators, founded in 1865 to advocate for the interest of public education.

Maine Subdivision of the Division for Early Childhood
The Division for Early Childhood (DEC) is a national, non-profit membership organization designed for individuals who work with, or on behalf of, children with special needs, birth through age eight, and their families. Founded in 1973, DEC is dedicated to promoting policies and practices that support families and enhance the optimal development of children. Children with special needs include those who have disabilities, developmental delays, are gifted/talented, and are at risk of future developmental problems.

Maine Administrators of Services for Children with Disabilities

The University of Southern Maine Class Search. The USM class search allows you to search for courses offered in the evening, on the weekend, at off-campus locations, online, and more.

Multiple Intelligence Theory Online Inventory

National Education Association

Nunley, Kathie
Include all students with layered curriculum

Program for Complex Instruction
Achieving quality in the classroom through cooperative learning.

The SERI Project
Special Education Resources on the internet

Pamela Sims
Pamela Sims, M.ED., is the author of the award winning book, Awakening Brilliance: How to Inspire Children to Become Successful Learners. Each month Pamela writes articles to help make life better for kids.  You can find Pamela's page on the InDetroit web site.

Special Education Graduate Degree at UMaine
Graduate programs in Special Education at the University of Maine prepare educators to support students and youth with disabilities in attaining their highest levels of achievement.

Spencer Kagan
Information on Spencer Kagan's trainings and products

Center for Community Inclusion
Maine's University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service

Technical Exploration Center
The Technical Exploration Center (TEC) is an assistive technology program that lends equipment, and provides evaluations, resource materials, technical assistance and AT related training.

Very Special Arts of Maine
This site contains information about VSA arts, including its affiliate network and national and international programs.

Keirsey Character & Temperament Sorter
This site has lots of wonderful information about the Myer's Briggs Personality Inventory including an on-line questionnaire you can take and have scored for free immediately.

Woodcock Johnson Training
Materials for learning how to administer the WJIII test batteries.

Disability Resources on the Internet
A "wonderfully well-organized site ... for cutting through the morass of disability-related material on the Web" -- Encyclopedia Britannica Internet Guide.
This site also has an excellent list of Resources in Maine.

Maine Educational Non-Profit Group
A group created to aid schools with the variety of demands placed on them.

Virtual Learning Academy
VLA is a robust, online educational delivery system. It offers over 80 full year and semester courses for students in grades 2-12.

Maine Readiness Campaign
The Maine Readiness Campaign seeks to develop and implement a statewide media/public relations campaign to support the need to ensure that every student has the right to be college ready and prepared for the 21st century workplace. They contract with the Maine Coalition for Excellence in partnership with the Compact for Higher Education.

Empowering Teachers - FCRR has launched this new website called that provides grade specific guidance to kindergarten and first grade teachers on how to implement differentiated instruction based on student data.

IRIS Center Info Briefs - The IRIS Center is pleased to announce the re-launch of its Info
Briefs catalogue. More than 150 of these handy and concise informational documents explore a rich variety of topics, from Autism to RTI to Universal Design. To get started, select a category under "Pick One" then click Info Briefs. Clicking on a title will take you directly to the brief's source Web site.

Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Rights/S019C1CA0-030B0BA2 - The Maine Support Network facilitated the Study Group for an Educational Bill of Rights for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in 2007-2008. Find out more about the group at the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing website. Or, read the final Resolve (pdf).

Cultural Competence - The goal of this section of the website is to provide a brief conceptual background for cultural competence, and to illustrate the elements of cultural competence in programs serving children with or at risk of developing serious emotional disturbance.



Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Hundreds of education resources supported by agencies across the U.S.

Individuals with Disabilities Act
This Act strengthens academic expectations and accountability for the nation's 5.8 million children with disabilities and bridges the gap that has too often existed between what children with disabilities learn and what is required in regular curriculum.

Teacher Quality
Features classroom resources & information

US Department of Education
This site covers all aspects of the world of education including, the latest news, programs and services, funding opportunities, frequently asked questions and much more!

Your First Year of Teaching
Tells what the first year of teaching is like from the perspective of first-year teachers.

Doing What Works
From the US Department of Education, this website is dedicated to helping educators identify and make use of effective teaching practices.


Foo Foo Sources (Rhode Island Novelty)

Classroom Direct


Cooperative Learning Center
The Cooperative Learning Center is a Research and Training Center focusing on how students should interact with each other as they learn and the skills needed to interact effectively.

Maine Parent Federation
Maine Parent Federation is a private nonprofit organization that provides information, support and training to parents and professionals through numerous grant funded projects.

National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression

Polaris Grants
Find information about grants of all sorts, including funding sources, tips and more.

Project SEED
SEED acknowledges and supports educators with monetary awards in two ways - with Developer Rewards and Adaptor Awards.  Educators can submit a unit of study they have created and, if selected, become a "Developer." Or, they can choose an approach they like from the array of Developer ideas and become an "Adaptor," or someone who takes the Developer's idea and tailors it to their own group of students.

Suicide Prevention Advocacy

The Yellow Ribbon Project
Suicide Prevention

Braille Materials [dead server]
If you are interested in Braille transcription services we would like to introduce you to an energetic and reliable Braille transcription service called AccessBraille.

Maine Disabilities Resource Web
With the Maine Resource Web you can search for groups and organizations that may be able to help people with disabilities.

Learning Disabilities Association of Maine
LDA of Maine is a statewide, nonprofit, volunteer organization including individuals with learning disabilities, their families, and professionals. LDA of Maine is committed to assisting individuals with learning and attentional disabilities through advocacy, support and education.

Electronic Learning Marketplace
The Electronic Learning Marketplace offers educators: an Assessment Center which offers a database of locally-developed classroom and district level assessments as well as technical and design guides on assessment; a searchable Maine Learning Results database linking teacher-developed assessments to state standards; and a collection of professional development tools and tutorials for improving teaching and learning.

Writeboards are sharable, web-based text documents that let you save every edit, roll back to any version, and easily compare changes. Use Writeboard to write solo or collaborate with others.

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
More and more imported toys and jewelry are coming into this country, particularly from China and India, that may expose children to lead. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls items that can be a safety/health threat to consumers. On their website they list the products recalled for lead. It is an easy way for parents, teachers, and providers to access the products recalled for lead.


Grants and Funding Information

National Geographic Society Education Foundation
The National Geographic Society Education Foundation offers teacher grants, given directly to educators to facilitate their work in the classroom, school, district, and community. Teacher grant applications are accepted in the spring from any current teacher or administrator in an accredited school. Projects that have outreach to urban areas are particularly encouraged. This year, the Foundation will make $100,000 in grants of up to $5,000 each to help teachers -- or a group of teachers -- make an even greater impact in your classroom, school, district, and/or community through innovative geography education projects. Applications for the 2002/2003 school year or summer 2003 must be received by the Foundation no later than June 14, 2002.

Cable in the Classroom's Teacher Advisors
Cable in the Classroom is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization that represents the cable telecommunications industry's commitment to education -- to improve teaching and learning for children in schools, at home, and in their communities. Cable in the Classroom and its members are looking for the 10 most excellent, media and technology savvy educators in the country to work with them in an ongoing way as advisors, mentors, and project consultants. Cable in the Classroom's teacher advisors will be paid a $4,000 annual stipend. In addition, their schools will each receive $1,000. Application deadline: July 1, 2002.

[Top]Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)
More than 30 Federal agencies formed a working group in 1997 to make hundreds of Federally supported teaching and learning resources easier to find. The result of that work is the FREE website.

Fundsnet Online Services
A comprehensive website dedicated to providing nonprofit organizations, colleges, and universities with information on financial resources available on the Internet.

Department of Education Forecast of Funding
This document lists virtually all programs and competitions under which the Department of Education has invited or expects to invite applications for new awards for FY 2002 and provides actual or estimated deadline dates for the transmittal of applications under these programs. The lists are in the form of charts -- organized according to the Department's principal program offices -- and include programs and competitions the Department has previously announced, as well as those it plans to announce at a later date. Note: This document is advisory only and is not an official application notice of the Department of Education.

eSchool News School Funding Center
Information on up-to-the-minute grant programs, funding sources, and technology funding.

Philanthropy News Digest-K-12 Funding Opportunities
K-12 Funding opportunities with links to grantseeking for teachers, learning technology, and more.

School Grants
A collection of resources and tips to help K-12 educators apply for and obtain special grants for a variety of projects.

Maine Grants
The Maine Philanthropy Center is a nonprofit organization established in
1995 by a group of local grantmakers to promote effective philanthropy
in Maine.

Other Learning Opportunities
Search for groups and organizations that may be able to help you. Find out what is happening at the State Legislature! Find a computer location where you can access the Web! Discover events, trainings and activities happening each month! Free Trainings in your region.

Linking Community Supports
LINCS (Linking Community Supports) is another recently funded project at MPF. Funding for LINCS through the Administration on Developmental Disabilities in Washington, D.C. LINCS will use a community assessment tool to determine strengths and needs within communities and look at change on a systemic level. Project LINCS also supports a website, to promote people partnerships and community programs throughout Maine.

Learning Disabilities Association of Maine
LDA of Maine is a statewide, nonprofit, volunteer organization including individuals with learning disabilities, their families, and professionals. LDA of Maine is committed to assisting individuals with learning and attentional disabilities through advocacy, support and education.


The Western Maine Partnership
The Western Maine Partnership is a regional network of 31 school districts, 2 independent schools and UMF. Its purpose is to promote the development of learning-centered schools where students and their educators are deeply engaged in learning. Central to the Partnership is a core belief that good schools -schools that support the learning of diverse students- also support the continuous development of their educators.

The Southern Maine Partnership
The Partnership is a school-university collaborative that includes 33 school districts, two independent schools, two colleges and the University of Southern Maine, focused on teacher development and school renewal in support of all learners. Membership dues, grants, and gifts fund our work.

Penobscot Regional Educational Partnership: Professional Development Network
No description provided.

DEEP is an acronym for Down East Educational Partnership. The purpose of DEEP is to assist its member school systems attain common goals by sharing resources to enhance educational endeavors for students, staff, and administrators.

Partnership of Partnerships (POP)
POP is an acronym that accurately describes the burst of ideas and creativity when Maine’s statewide network of professional development partnership members gather to discuss issues and priorities in professional development. Since 1986, the Maine Support Network has provided support and professional development for educators at all grade levels and areas of specialty. The inspiration behind the Partnership of Partnerships (POP) was a dedication to deepening and broadening the infrastructure supporting Maine’s network of state and regional partnerships. POP reaches out to schools and regions by coordinating professional development activities and by connecting educators and parents to share promising practices, materials, and expertise.


School Union #42
School Union #42 home page

School Union #42
Professional Development Committee Home page


Resources for Cooperative Learning
Lots of links to educational resources

Council for Exceptional Children
The largest international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted.

International Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education

Program for Complex Instruction
Achieving quality in the classroom through cooperative learning.

Spencer Kagan
Information on Spencer Kagan's trainings and products

Teacher Quality
Features classroom resources & information

Cooperative Learning Center
The Cooperative Learning Center is a Research and Training Center focusing on how students should interact with each other as they learn and the skills needed to interact effectively.

So you want to be a teacher?

Educate ME
Over the next decade Maine will experience a serious shortage of qualified 6-12 mathematics and science teachers. In addition, almost one third of Maine's current mathematics and science teachers teach "out of area". To address these issues of quantity and quality three campuses of the University of Maine System and the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance will collaborate to increase the number of qualified mathematics and science teachers graduating from the different campuses, increase retention of teachers in their first three years by building cross-tier support groups, and improve the quality of mathematics and science education at each of the three campuses by active collaboration among Arts & Sciences, Education faculty and 6-12 teachers. Teacher preparation and faculty development are the two NSF Division of Undergraduate Education themes that are most descriptive of this project.

Digital Library
EducateME also hosts a Digital Library dedicated to supporting in-service teachers, university faculty and pre-service teachers. The Digital Library is a searchable, annotated database of websites pertaining to educational reform, theories, and content. The primary concentration is on educational theory.

CEC Online Job Board
Find jobs in special education, K-12 through College/University, Post-special education jobs online, Easy to use for all your employment connections!

State Government

Maine Department of Education
Everything you need to know about the world of education in the state of Maine, including directories, programs, careers opportunities and more!


getATstuff - Here you can look for or list Assistive Technology devices for sale or for free in New England.
When to use blogs, wikis, or google docs

Universal Design

Maine CITE
Maine CITE is a statewide project designed to help make assistive and universally designed technology more available to Maine children and adults who have disabilities. Assistive technology is equipment or devices that make it easier for people to live more independently, work at a job, study at school or play with friends. It is services that help someone choose and learn to use the devices best for them.


Teacher Tube

Did You Know; Shift Happens - Globalization, Information Age

Pay Attention

Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? - Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining (and profoundly moving) case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity, rather than undermining it.

A Vision of Students Today

Are kids different because of digital media?

21st century pedagogy


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