Continuous Improvement Priority Schools (CIPS) Summer Institute

 Sunday River
July 29-31, 2012


 Organizing Successful Parental Involvement Activities
with Ann Pike
School, Family, Community Partnerships Web Resources List
How Family Friendly is Your School Checklist
Collecting Sample Practices for Parent Engagement
Epstein's Framework of Six Types of Involvement
Organizing Successful Parent Involvement Activities Slides
Epstein's Sample Practices
Family Friendly Walk Through
Organizating Successful Parental Involvement Activities
School, Family, Community Partnerships Book Resources List

 Formative Assessment
 with Sue Card/Heidi McGinley
Assessment Grid
Four Types of Homework
Homework Assignment
Teaching and Learning Cycle
Implementing the Teaching & Learning Cycle
Formative Assessment
Questioning as Formative Assessment
Unpacking Formative Assessment
Working Inside the Black Box

 Data Based Decision Making
Therese Bernier Burns/Corda Ladd Kinzie
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Additional Handout for Session 4

 Differentiated Instruction in Math
Bea Moore-Luchin

Day 1 Graphic Organizer Samples
Differentiated Instruction Day 1 & 2
Differentiated Instruction Day 2 Questioning Sample

 Implementation Tidbits
Day 2 Tidbits

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Event Handouts

04-02-11 Vocabulary Building
12-01-11 Differentiating Instruction and RtI
11-01-11 Vocabulary Building
Newport Special Education Staff Development
03-29-11 RtI Leadership
04-29-11 Using Graphic Organizers to Support Literacy in Math Instruction
02-15-11 NCCEP Capacity Building
02-02-11 Engaging Learners with Pam Flood
2010 IASCE
2010 HEP Meeting 
2010 Beatrice Moore Luchin Math Strategies
2008 AMCHP
2008 Italy
2007 Singapore
2007 New England GEAR UP Conference
2005 Singapore
2006 Lincoln PD Day

New! Workshop Handout Packets

Handouts By Category
Art Projects
Audio Versions of Handouts
Brain Based Learning
Builders and Barriers
Celebratory Learning
Connector/ Ice Breaker/ 
Team Building Activities

Cooperative Learning
Developing Capable People
Flexible Grouping Gallery Walk and Talk
Learning Styles
Multiple Intelligences
Presenter Ideas
Response to Intervention (RtI)
Strategies to Improve Literacy Skills
Words of Wisdom


PDF Charts on the Wall
PDF Making A Decision
PDF Parking Lot
PDF Welcome Chart and Nametags
PDF Silence Starter
PDF Working Agreements
PDF Reflection Instructions

Art Projects

HTML or PDF An Art Project
HTML or PDF A Bug's Life
HTML or PDF Flower Activity
HTML or PDF Flower Shapes
HTML or PDF My Leadership Fetish

Audio Versions of Handouts

.mp3 PDF Universally Designed Teaching by Therese Burns

Brain Based Learning

HTML or PDF 12 Principles of Brain Based Learning Challenge
HTML or PDF 12 Brain Principles
HTML or PDF Pam Robbins' Article - Singapore
HTML or PDF Brain Bibliography
HTML or PDF Brain Compatible Classrooms
HTML or PDF Brain Reflective Feedback Form
HTML or PDF Brain Mindmap
HTML or PDF Brain Compatible Components
PDF Caine's Updated Learning Principles 2009
HTML or PDF Caine's Learning Principles
HTML or PDF Understanding a Brain-Based Approach to Learning and Teaching
HTML or PDF Brain Compatible Classrooms- Susan Kovalik
HTML or PDF Brain Compatible Components 2&
HTML or PDF Brain/Mind Learning Principles
HTML or PDF Brain Research Bibliography
HTML or PDF Brain/Mind Learning Principles with Descriptions
HTML or PDF Enriching the Environment
HTML or PDF Brain Compatible Components 3
HTML or PDF Scope of Brain-Based Learning

Builders and Barriers

HTML or PDF Barriers and Builders or - Singapore
HTML or PDF Examples of Builders and Barriers
HTML or PDF Blocks to Listening
HTML or PDF Barriers and Builders 2
HTML or PDF Eliminating Barriers

Celebratory Learning

Celebratory Learning Web
or PDF Celebratory Learning - Singapore
PDF Celebratory Learning Bibliograph - Singapore
HTML or PDF Celebratory Learning Art Galler - Singapore
PDF Sample Best Working Conditions for CelebratoryCommunity of Learners - Singapore
HTML or PDF Staging and Special Touches for Celebratory Learning Occasions - Singapore
PDF Celebratory Learning Mindmap - Singapore
PDF Celebratory Learning Faces of You - Singapore

Connector/ Ice Breaker/ Team Building Activities

PDF Choose an Animal that best resembles your personality
-->This can be re-created using Vegetables, and also adapted by just showing 3 animals and having everyone describe one quality from each.
PDF T-Shirt Connector - fill out this T-shirt with descriptive words about yourself and then share with the group.
PDF What's Your Summer Dream?

Cooperative Learning

HTML or PDF Basic Elements of Cooperative Learning - Singapore
HTML or PDF Cooperative Learning Bibliography
HTML or PDF Assessment and Appraisal
HTML or PDF Challenge Self-Assessment
HTML or PDF Cooperative Learning Structures - Singapore
PDF Cooperative Learning - Six Key Concepts - Singapore

Developing Capable People

HTML or PDF An Article on Behavior
HTML or PDF Developing Capable People- Disrespectful Behavior
HTML or PDF Developing Capable People- Fighting
HTML or PDF Developing Capable People- Logical Consequences vs. Solutions


PPTX (27MB) Special Education and ELL, presented by JoEtta Gonzales, November 6, 2010

Flexible Grouping

PDF Flexible Grouping Word Splash - Singapore
PDF Flexible Grouping - Three Kinds of Groups - Singapore
PDF Tips on Managing Flexible Groups - Singapore
PDF Flexible Grouping as a Teaching Strategy - Singapore

Gallery Walk and Talk

PDF A Gallery Walk and Talk- Learning Styles
PDF A Gallery Walk and Talk Chart


PDF Leadership Traits- Singapore

Learning Styles

HTML or PDF Myers Briggs Learning/Teaching Styles
PDF The Learning Pyramid - Singapore
PDF Myers Briggs Characteristics - Singapore

Multiple Intelligences

HTML or PDF Key Points in Multiple Intelligences Theory
HTML or PDF Multiple Intelligences- 4 Things
PDF Multiple Intelligences Table - Singapore


HTML or PDF 35 Indicators of a Quality Schoo
HTML or PDF A Simple Model to Structure Project Evaluation Efforts
HTML or PDF Assessing the Present
HTML or PDF Components of Transforming Learning Environments
HTML or PDF Critical Skills- The Learning Cycle
HTML or PDF Change Project
HTML or PDF Suggested Readings
HTML or PDF Edge of Possibilities Template
HTML or PDF Find Someone Who...
HTML or PDF EQ In My Classroom: Self Rating Scale
HTML or PDF Classroom Assessment that Supports Learning: Professional Development Considerations
PDF Challenge Scenario
PDF Reflection Log - Singapore
PDF Management of Change - Singapore
PDF The Laughing Classroom - Singapore
PDF The Benefits of Laughter of Play - Singapore
PDF Seven Resiliences - Singapore
PDF Best Working Conditions - Singapore
PDF Word Splash Instructions - Singapore
PPT Let's Get Motivated!

Presenter Ideas

PDF 10-2
PDF Celebratory Learning
PDF Word Splash
PDF Fishbowl

Differentiating Instruction and RtI: A Natural Fit for Supporting Student Success: A Three Part Series
December 1, 2011
Presented by Ann Pike

PDF Sites to Visit
PDF Portaportal Sites
PDF Framework for Classroom Differentiation
PDF Framework for RtI Environment
PDF Differentiated Environments
PDF Cube Handout
PDF Differentiated Instruction Works Cited 
PDF RtI Works Cited 

Playing with Words 2: Vocabulary Building
November 1, 2011
Presented by Ann Pike

PDF Vocabulary Sites 
PDF Bibliography

Playing With Words 2: Vocabulary Building
April 2, 2012
Presented by Ann Pike

DOC Bibliography
DOC Vocabulary Sites
PDF Bingo Lingo
PDF Wordwheel-ack
PDF Vocabulary Unplugged Samples 

Newport Special Education Staff Development

PDF 03-08-11 Coaching Presentation
PDF 04-12-11 Coaching Presentation
PDF 05-10-11 Parent Involvement Presentation

Using Graphic Organizers to Support Literacy in Math Instruction
April 29, 2011
Presented by Bea Moore Luchin

PDF Using Graphic Organizers to Support Literacy in Math Instruction Presentation
PDF Handout Packet
PDF Assessment Strategies to Inform Science and Mathematics Instruction
PDF Additional Handouts 

Response to Intervention (RtI)

PDF RtI Power Point and Handouts Packet from Ellen Holmes
PDF Article: A Comprehensive Model for Preventing Reading Failure: A Response to Intervention Process
PDF Article: Focus on Results: Guidance & Technical Assistance for Special Education Stakeholders Newsletter

Maine Response to Intervention (RtI) Steering Committee Team Meeting
March 29, 2011

Visit the RtI RISS website at www.syntiro.org/riss
Visit the PBIS website at www.mepbis.org
Website of Mathew Drewette-Card: http://sites.google.com/site/bonnyeaglerti/
PDF Contact List
PDF ME POP/PBIS Impact Sheet
PDF RtI RISS Mathematics Intervention Framework
PDF RISS Info Sheet
PDF Seven RtI Foundations
PDF Benchmarks of Quality Team Member Rating Form
PDF PBIS Team Implementation Checklist ver. 3

Workshop Handout Packets

PDF 02-16-11 Coaching Students for School Success: You Make The Difference! Presented by Corda Kinzie

Yes You Can! Strategies for Engaging Learners in Content-Area Classes
April 12, 2011
Presented By: Pam Flood

PPT Teacher Presentation
PPT Student Presentation
PDF Best Working Conditions
PDF Reflection Log
DOC Mind Brain Learning Principles
DOC Mind Brain Learning Principles Expanded
DOC Brain Fill In the Blank
DOC 4 Corners Theory
MP4 Parts of the Brain

Strategies to Improve Literacy Skills
November 25, 2008
Presented By: Cathy Masse

PPT Workshop PowerPoint
PDF Links to Shared Sites
PDF Books at Camden Workshop
DOC Kagan Learning Cubes
XLS Bookmarks
DOC Learning Chips

Words of Wisdom

HTML or PDF Things I Know: Lessons in Life from an ADD Child
HTML or PDF Affirmation Hearts
HTML or PDF Characteristics of Adults as Learners - Singapore
HTML or PDF Common Recommendations of National Curriculum Reports
HTML or PDF Action Verbs
HTML or PDF Facilitation Skills
HTML or PDF Creating Learning Communities
HTML or PDF Common Essential Life Skills
HTML or PDF Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence
HTML or PDF Kovalik's Lifeskills

HEP Partnership Meeting
September 27, 2010

PDF Fact Sheet
PDF Reaction Log
PDF Partners About You Fill-in Sheet

How Do I Know What They Know and Understand? Instant Math Assessment Techniques - April 29, 2010
Presented By: Beatrice Moore Luchin

PDF Math Assessment Strategies PPT
PDF Handout Packet

GLACIE - May 22, 2009

Corda, Kagan, and Cynthia   Pam Flood, Corda Ladd Kinzie, and Kathryn Markovchick attended the GLACIE 25th annual Cooperative Learning Conference, Achievement through Active Engagement, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on May 27 and 28, 2010.  Corda Ladd Kinzie and Cynthia Jozin attended Spencer Kagan’s session, "Making Lasting Memories: Teaching to the 5 Memory Systems." Corda loved being in the same place and time with Spencer and earned the title "Groupie!"
   DOC Agenda & Outcomes
   DOC Reflection Log
   DOC Q-Matrix
   PDF Technological Levels of Use


New England GEAR UP Conference October 2007

doc 4 Corners Theory
doc 4 Corners Breakout
doc Celebratory Learning
doc New England GEAR UP Conference Contact Information
doc Reflection Log
doc Staging and Special Touches Celebratory Learning
doc Technology - Promises and Challenges
doc Word Splash Directions
PDF Word Splash

Lincoln, Maine Professional Development Day November 2006

Power Point Keynote Power Point, Celebratory Learning


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