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OER in Health Education & Physical Education


OER Phase 2 Review and Recommendation Form:

Check out the Health Education and Physical Education Team's website with links to their Open Educational Resources!



Goal 1. Organize team to research Open Educational Resources (OER) in Health Education and Physical Education (Health/PE).

  • Educators representing the 9 superintendent regions, families, and professional organizations will be identified and invited to participate on the OER research team.

Goal 2. Organize and research Health/PE OER.

  • Each team member will target specific content areas, grade levels, and MLR indicators to support the identification of OER that support student acquisition of the MLR.

Goal 3. Develop an ongoing network that can support and encourage further dialogue and OER development in Health/PE.

  • Teams will utilize a variety of structures to support dialogue and discussion as they work to identify high quality OER in this content area.

Goal 4. Identify areas for which additional OER should be developed.

  • Team members will note in their research the content areas which are currently lacking high quality OER. These areas will be noted as areas in which further OER development would be beneficial to Maine educators.

Goal 5. Identify and link SAU professional learning needs.

  • Team members will work with MSAD 4 to identify professional learning needs related to OER identification and implementation.

Goal 6. Introduce OER to parents and explain its importance.

  • Team members will identify OER, and other resources that schools could employ, in order to introduce OER to parents and highlight its importance.

Goal 7. Inform parents of the role of technology in the education of their children and in the activities funded by the grant.

  • Information related to OER which supports family understanding of technology will be posted, and disseminated through the Partnership of Partnerships and family organizations within the state.

Teacher Leader:
Cathy Masse

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